Advocates: What You Can Do to Help

If you want to help ensure that behavioral screening and intervention services become part and parcel of general medical care in Wisconsin, here's what you can do:

  • Sign our statement of support. Allow WIPHL to list your organization as a supporter.
  • Let your health insurance provider know you want BSI services covered. Dean Health Plan and BadgerCare Plus are the two plans that currently reimburse for BSI.
  • Spread the word about WIPHL to various stakeholder groups and individuals
  • If you are a healthcare provider or administrator, see if your medical setting can initiate BSI service delivery
  • Link to WIPHL on your organization’s website
  • Keep up with WIPHL news by subscribing to our free enews
  • If you need help pursuing any of these activities, or if you have any thoughts to share on promoting demand for BSI services, please feel free to contact WIPHL clinical director Richard L. Brown, MD, MPH, at or tel. (608) 263-9090.

Many thanks for your help or suggestions.