We can give the healthcare professionals who care for your employees the information and tools they need to implement a cost-effective, behavioral screening and intervention (BSI) program. This will result in improved patient care around alcohol, depression, tobacco and other behavioral issues and a 4:1 return on investment due to increased work productivity and decreased medical costs.

  • Employees who engage in binge drinking or illicit drug use are less healthy, miss work more often, are more apt to hurt themselves on the job, and experience higher job turnover rates
  • BSI improves employee health, bolsters productivity and decreases costs of health care and workers compensation
  • Employers shouldn't have to play “Big Brother.” Let healthcare providers address these sensitive issues. Employee Assistance Programs and Health Risk Appraisals lack the combination of reach and effectiveness of BSI.

    Here in Wisconsin, rates of risky and problem drinking are among the highest in the nation. The economic toll on our healthcare, social services, and criminal justice systems is monumental

    • Highest US binge/risky drinking rate:
    • Highest US prevalence of drunk driving:
    • Tobacco use:
    • Depression:
    • Illicit drug use at the US average:

    Alcohol and drug use in Wisconsin

    • 4th leading cause of death
    • 4th leading cause of hospitalization
    • More than $5 billion annual economic impact

    Medicaid and most commercial payers in Wisconsin will reimburse for BSI services.

      Rising healthcare costs can be contained by delivering BSI

      • Healthcare costs for employees who have alcohol problems are about twice as high as for the average employee...
      • Employers improve their bottom lines by $771 for every employee who receives a brief alcohol intervention
      • Health care costs for patients with depression are about 1.5 times greater than the costs for patients without depression...
      • Depression screening and intervention return three dollars within two years for every dollar spent

      Our growing track record of success

      WIPHL's clinical partners have screened over 100,000 patients, delivered over 25,000 interventions, and garnered high patient and provider satisfaction. Regular binge drinking has declined by 20 percent