Payers Who Reimburse for Brief Screening and Intervention (BSI)

Recognized Payers

The following healthcare plan providers in Wisconsin are commended for having committed in writing to effective reimbursement for tobacco, alcohol and drug screening and intervention services:
  • BadgerCare Plus
  • Dean Health Plan

Additional Notes

Note for Medicare participants: Medicare policies are not compatible with effective reimbursement, because in most settings and circumstances Medicare will not reimburse for tobacco, alcohol or drug screening or intervention that is administered by a paraprofessional. The only exception is when a paraprofessional in an independent outpatient setting (place of service code 11) is the only individual to provide a service during that visit.

Note for Federally Qualified Health Centers: Some FQHC patients must pay a sliding scale fee for tobacco, alcohol and drug screening and intervention services. Most such patients therefore decline the services.

Note for Payers: If you represent a healthcare plan that reimburses for BSI services and meets all qualifying criteria, please contact us to be added to the list.

Billing Reimbursement Guide